Students In Google Classroom: Using the Add & Create Buttons

Google classroom is a great tool for teacher and students.  Although it is pretty intuitive, both teachers and students can get stuck in use-habits and overlook useful features. I have noticed that some of the teacher I work with are in the habit of always using an attachment when they post assignments in classroom, and since most of use don't see the Student Side of Google Classroom, they're not clear on what they're student do when there isn't an attachment.

This is a quick tutorial for teacher and students on using the ADD and CREATE buttons in Google Classroom.  Sometimes teachers using Google Classroom forget they do not have to attach a template or that they can start an assignment in class, maybe on the fly, but go back after students have started creating and add a Google Classroom assignment afterwards that students can still use as a turn in point that will still organize in Google Drive for the teacher.