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The Actual Work of an Edtech Sith Lord

Coming to Terms With My Role as an Edtech Administrator and My Contribution to Education, Edtech, and Educators
Recently, at the ISTE 2019 conference, I presented on building an educational technology professional development program on a budget. It was only the second time I had given this presentation and I was fortunate enough to be collaborating with my edtech sister, Kelly Martin. It was my first time presenting at what is the gold-standard conference in our field and I was feeling the incredibly trite combination of excited and nervous. Now that it is said and done, I’ve done a lot of thinking about the presentation, our message, the systems we have tried to build, and the pedagogical practice we have tried to improve. Our presentation, in many ways, speaks to a professional identity crisis I have been having since decided to cross over to the Dark Side and become an Edtech Sith Lord, an administrator.
I came into edtech as a teacher coach. It was my job to be the expert on…

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