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Budgets Are Declarations of Belief

Blogger side note: Sometimes if you procrastinate on a blog post long enough, you get to write the original post and the follow up post all in one go.
So...that’s fun.

Why Is No One Else Excited About This? I seem to really like doing a part of my job that my coworkers and peers in other districts seem to dread.  I am a first year administrator, the Director of Educational Technology in Alisal Union School District; I am also originating the position.  Budgeting and budget projections have become a thing I like doing.  To me there are so many positive and intellectually engaging things here.

It’s like a puzzle where what I want to accomplish and what I can (theoretically) accomplish come together and I have to make the pieces fit.  I like puzzles and problem-solving.  We’ve been asked to do 3 years of projections and in each year we have to cut by 10%, by the end of 2019 - 20, it will have been reduced by 30%.

So this seemed like a critical but interesting challenge.  It was also a gu…

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