Looking for Apps & Websites?

Teachers often ask me and the other Ed Techs for help finding apps and digital tools they can use in their classroom. It's hard to take the time to slog through the app store or try out websites. Common Sense Media is a trusted, nonprofit source for Digital Citizenship and Literacy curriculum for schools and media awareness and advising for families.

Graphite™ (http://www.graphite.org/) is a free service from Common Sense Media designed to help preK-12 educators discover, use, and share the best apps, games, websites, and digital curricula for their students by providing unbiased, rigorous ratings and practical insights from an active community of teachers. You can filter your search by subject, grade, skill level, and Common Core.

Check out their 2 minute intro video. http://youtu.be/i1OH_S1zfNQ