Setting Up an Automatic Signature in Gmail

I hope everyone had an excellent start of the year!​ At this hectic time, I thought you might be able to use a little tech tip that will save you a few seconds every time you type an email. You have all probably received emails that include, at the end, a person’s name, site, job title, phone number, etc. Have you ever wondered how to set it up so that all of your emails include this information without having to type it every time you send an email? This can be done by changing a setting in Gmail. Click the gear icon on your Gmail screen and select Settings. 

Scroll down until you see Signature. Select the signature box and type in any information you want included in all of your emails. 

You can customize your fonts ​and​ add a picture​, quote​ or link to end every email​. If you would like your name to appear before the original email in a reply, check the box ​below your signature. You are done. Now, every time you hit the compose button, your name and any additional information you chose to include will appear automatically.