Welcome To Your Drive, There's No Turning Back...

(...okay, there is turning back.  For the time being, if you don't like the new Google Drive, you can go back to the "old" one.  I just wanted to paraphrase the Tears for Fears song)

The new Google Drive finally became available in our school domain, and wouldn't you know it, just a week before teachers report back to work.  This lit a fire under me to get on the Old G-Drive vs New G-Drive screencast I have been thinking about.  I made a 10 minute compare/contrast new Google Drive walk-through video for the schools I support.  I hope you find this useful.

When you make a video like this, I discovered, it's actually pretty easy to get into all the little nooks and crannies, as it were, of the tool and show and say more than you really to.  As it is, this is 10 minutes long, and I think it hit the main point that people will find useful.  Equally as challenging was to not get into a review of the new Google Drive and keep a more or less neutral and encouraging tone.  I think I have managed that.

If it still seems blurry after the first 10 seconds or so, you may want to turn up the quality to 480p (click on the little gear in the lower right of the video window).  After I added annotations in YouTube, for some people, it seems to have kicked the default down to 240p and that makes it blurry.